Our Activities

The IAEA functions as a federation of around 500 affiliated organisations spread throughout the country, supporting their activities by bringing them together in conferences, seminars, workshops and discussion groups. Through its publications, both periodic and otherwise, IAEA disseminates research findings and field experiences on adult, non-formal and lifelong education to more than 2500 Life and Yearly individual members of 16 State Branches and others interested in the field of adult and non-formal education. Functions of IAEA are as varied and wide-ranging as its aims and objectives. The following is a brief account of activities over the years.

As Catalytic Agent

Being a pioneering institution in the field for long IAEA offers advise to Central/State Governments, Universities, State Resource Centers, Jan Shikshan Sansthans, Zilla Saksharta Samitis, its member institutions and other organisations on adult, non-formal and population and development education programmes.

As 'Clearing House

IAEA has been functioning as a "Clearing House" to disseminate information on growth and development of adult education through its periodicals, journals, books, literature, etc., for the benefit of individuals and institutions.


IAEA regularly brings out six periodicals both in Hindi and English. Besides, it has so far brought out around 250 books and other publications for policy makers, senior level functionaries, adult educators, field workers and neo-literates.



International Journal of Adult & Lifelong Education

The publication of this journal was started in 2003 after the establishment of International Institute of Adult and Lifelong Education set up by Indian Adult Education Association in December 2002. This journal is published in English for every six months. The contributors of articles for this journal are reputed persons in the field of adult and lifelong education known nationally and internationally.

Indian Journal of Adult Education

The publication of this journal was started in the year 1939. It is published in English for every six months. The journal is full of information on the ongoing programs of adult and lifelong education; success stories expert opinions and general information. It is the only journal of its kind at the national level with wide circulation.

Proudh Shiksha

The publication of this News Magazine started in the year 1957. It is in Hindi and English published every month for the field functionaries. It contains articles, case studies, folk-tales, success stories, short stories about innovative experiments in adult education.

IAEA Newsletter

The publication of this Newsletter started in the year 1979. This is published in Hindi and English every month. It disseminates latest information on activities in the field of adult education at Central and State levels in India and abroad along with abstracts of important new publications on adult education and its allied areas.

Indian Journal of Population Education

The publication of this Journal started in the year 1995. This journal is published in English every quarter and it contains information on population and development education which includes HIV/AIDS, small family norm, drug addiction, foeticide and infanticide, family welfare, reproductive child health, reproductive track diseases, adolescence education and women empowerment etc.

Newsletter on Literacy and Population

The publication of this Newsletter started in the year 1996. It contains reports on recent developments in the field through its information repackaging services.


IAEA has published over 250 titles in English and Hindi on various aspects of adult and lifelong education. It has also brought out a number of booklets for neoliterates.